Under the Walnut Tree


The gorgeous pictures makes you want to start cooking right away!

Under the Walnut Tree written by Anna Bergenström and Fanny Bergenström. It contains 400 recipes inspired by seasonal ingredients. The gorgeous pictures makes you want to start cooking right away. I was out of sticky notes after going only through half of this book :)
I really like the fact that we can find various recipes from different countries. It gives us a chance to change our cooking into more interesting and exotic. We can also find really delicious sounding dips, sauces, soups, salads, deserts or main dishes. The recipes are very well detailed and easy to follow.
The book contains 17 chapters with recipes. Each chapter is devoted to one ingredient: avocado, ginger, vanilla, tomatoes etc. I think it is really useful when you have a lot of one ingredient and you don't really have an idea what to do out of it. The chapters also include a bit of history about the ingredient. What made me thrilled is the fact that one of the chapters is devoted to coconut. I am absolutely crazy about coconut taste, smell or just look :)
Finally, the last chapter includes suggested menus, it gives you ideas which of the recipes would fit perfectly together. Seems like a great solution when throwing a party!

Can’t wait to try some of those recipes!

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