‘Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology’ by Leah Remini


You can take the girl out of Scientology, but it's much harder to to take the Scientology out of the girl

Most of you know Leah Remini as a Carrie from "King of Queens", but most of you might know that for many, many years she was in cult known as Scientology.

'I am a Scientologist and I am here to help clear the planet'

Sounds great, doesn't it? Unfortunetly it's far away from the truth and I think the only thing Scientology wants to clear is your wallet and bank account.

"During my thirty-plus years in Scientology I spent close to $2 million for services and training, and donated roughly $3 million to church causes. Most members, regardless of their income, over a lifetime in the church spend upwards of $500,000 to get to the highest levels [...] During that time, they are required to purchase 300 books, 3000 lectures, and 100 courses."

Leah was in the Church since she was a child. 'When you are raised in the church, your whole life - each and every day - becomes all about the church. [...] as a Scientologist you are expected to spend a minimum of 2,5h a day, every day, seven days a week, at church, studying and/or in counseling." - of course you have to pay for everything.

When she was only 12 years old, Leah and her sister joined the Sea Organization. The Sea Org is an "elite" Scientology group made up of people who sign a contract pledging one BILLION years of their afterlife to serve Scientology and the Sea Org. So, when they reincarnate, they are expected to keep joining in each life until one billion years is up.

"After we signed our billion-year contracts, Nicole and I were put on the EPF, or Estates Project Force, part of basic Sea Org training for new recruits. [...] All EPFers spent twelve hours a day doing hard labor, like pulling up tree roots with our bare hands, working heavy machinery [...] or cleaning bathrooms and hotel rooms." - and earning $15 dollars a week.

She didn't go to school, because Scientology doesn't recognize any education from the outside. The only education you need as a Scientologist are the courses inside the church.

As a grown woman she began to raise questions about some of the church’s actions, she found herself a target. In the end, she was declared by the church to be a “Suppressive Person,” and as a result, her family and friends from the Church disconnected from her. "So I have been declared by the church to be Suppressive Person because I questioned, spoke out against, and refused to abide by the hypocrisy that had become my life". "According to the church policy, since I have been declared s SP, all church members, including dozens of my closer friends and family must 'disconnect' from me, meaning cutting all ties".

In 2013 Remini loudly and publicly broke with the Church of Scientology.

"I could have just let it go, I could have simply walked away, before being declared an SP. Then if I ever wanted to come back to the church, they would have me. But i didn't want to leave that door open".

Of course this book couldn't have been written without mentioning the most famous Scientologist - Tom Cruise. Leah asserts that Tom is almost in control of the religion. Whatever he wants, he gets, he is presented as a spoiled and selfish person, who does whatever he wants. She talk about his wedding with Katie Holmes and his girlfriend before that, pretty crazy story..

There is a lot of information (and some pictures) about the church and its abuse,, some of the stories are spine-chilling and really hard to believe. If you are interested in that topic you should definitely pick up this book.

"This book is also a personal act of defiance - against intolerance, which I have witnessed, lived with, and been a part of fat too long".

I was really pleasantly surprise how readable "Troublemaker" is - how entertaining, honest, unpretentious, shocking and just plain funny it is. She doesn't hold her tongue and speaks her mind.She is honest, she doesn't hold anything back as she is aware that Scientology will strike at her as they are known to do, by using information gleaned from auditing to embarrass, intimidate and discredit. She shares not only the truth about Scientology, but also insights into her childhood, as well as her experiences getting into show businesses.

"If Scientology has taught me anything, it is not to give up the fight. And the fight is now mine, and I am on the right side of it".
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