‘The Trap’ by Melanie Raabe

"For years, the monster has pursued me even in my dreams. Now he's standing before me, holding out his hand"

I found this book by accident at my local library and I was really intrigued by that story. Linda, a bestselling author, 11 years ago found her sister murdered in her own kitchen. She was (un)lucky to s see her sister murder's face, haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister, she has not left the house since then. Her killer was never caught. Now, all these years on, she's just seen him again. On TV, as a well respected reporter - Victor Lenzen.

Linda's most powerful tool is her writing, she decided to write a book about her sister's murder, invite Victor to interview her and force him to confess to her sister's killing. But nothing is as easy as she thinks it will be...

I absolutely loved the first part of the book, I was so curious if he is a actually the murderer or did Linda killed her sister, I was changing my mind every few pages. The ending was really cliche and a bit disappointing. I think with more original ending this book could be a bestseller. Raab did a great job to keep a reader in doubts and start wondering what is actually true and what is not. ` "The worst is the doubt. Doubt is like a thorn you can't get ahold on".

From being so sure Victor Lenzen is a murder you (as well as Linda) coming to a doubtful place and starting questioning Linda's accountability.
"Am I mad?

No, I', not mad.

How can you tell you're not mad?

You just can.

But if you really are mad - how can you know? How can you know anything with absolute certainty?

I listen to the voices arguing in my head, and no longer know which of them is the rational one".

"I look Victor Lenzen in the eye and see someone quite different opposite me. I realize what a big mistake I've made. Victor Lenzen is not stupid: he is mad".

Is Linda mad? Did she killed her sister out of jealousy? Is Victor Lenzen innocent or a lier?
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