SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick


Floral scent that you will fall in love with!

First thing I absolutely loved after unpacking this cleanser is the smell, very delicate, natural floral scent. This cleanser is very gentle, it doesn't foam too much on the face, even if you will get some of the product in your eye it won't sting. Free from artificial colors, parabens, and synthetic preservatives, this is recommended for all skin types, even sensitive.
It is twist-up tube, with dried rose petals on the top. I found it a little bit weird to use a tube at the beginning because I usually use ... but I got used to it quickly. I really like using soap bars for cleansing and this is a great alternative. It is more practical than soap bars because of the packaging it's much easier to use it outside your home, while travel or after a workout at a gym. It has low pH, about 5.5 - article about the importance of pH is coming soon!
I use it after my oil cleansing step, with my face still damp. Twist up the cleanser by turning the bottom of the tube to reveal enough product. I swipe over my dump skin then using my fingers, I massage it all over, rinse with lukewarm to cool water.
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