San Francisco


Catching the Sun in San Francisco

This weekend we spent a wonderful day in San Francisco. The weather was amazing, so warm and sunny! We went to Dolores Park, one of the most popular places in San Francisco (when the weather is so nice). You can always meet there lots of people. Some of them chilling out on their blankets others giving a try to tightrope walking, juggling or dancing. It's a great place to take a blanket or even hammock (too bad we forgot ours), picnic basket, book and just relax under palm trees. Doesn't it sound like heaven? It definitely does to me!
Have you even seen Full House ? Do you remember when in the intro they were having a picnic with beautiful houses behind them? I was lucky enough to see those buildings today! They are called Painted Ladies and I have to say they look as nice as in the tv-show. Unfortunately the park is in renovation so there was no picnic for us, oh well, I still could take some nice picture.
After visiting last year Paris I fell in love with macarons. I am always really happy to get them whenever I can. We bought some in Chantal Guillon. You can get there some really tasty macarons with crisp shells, chewy centers and just enough filling!

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