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April 3, 2017
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March 17, 2017

Coffee Body Scrub


There are so many reasons to love coffee!

The scrub is said to diminish the appearance of cellulite, tighten and tone the look of your skin, exfoliate, and leave your body feeling softer as ever. I’m no health expert, but coffee is naturally a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory as well. Not to mention, it smells delicious. Anyone can make it, and you probably already have everything you need on hand.

You will need:
- 1 part ground coffee
- 1/2 part coconut oil
- 1 part brown sugar

Size of each parts depends of how much of the scrub you need. You guys, it’s this simple – add all the dry ingredients and mix until they’re all blended. Then drizzle in the oil until you get the consistency you want (you can add more or less oil).

These are perfect for yourself or little gifts for friends. Just fill up a small mason jar and you’re good to go!

I recommend using body scrub in the shower first thing, before you wash with soap, because there will be a slight residue left on your body that you will need to wash or rinse off.


  1. Amber Myers says:

    I don’t like coffee, but I think I’d still enjoy this. I’ve always liked the smell.

  2. Otilia says:

    I use the exact same scrub and it’s great! I love how the coconut oil leaves my skin after wards

  3. I just have to try this! I don’t drink coffee I wish I did but I do love the way it smells. I love how easy it is to make and use. I hope it works for me.

  4. Kristen Morris says:

    I’ve been using a scrub that’s made of coconut oil and sugar, which I totally love, but now I will also need to try this! I totally have all of those items in my home, and I bet a scrub that smells like coffee would help me wake up in the morning!

  5. Esse D says:

    I love these type of posts because they always give me new health/skincare ideas. Who would have thought of a coffee scrub? I may actually try this out!

  6. Urvi says:

    Wow!!! so many great benefits for the skin and very less ingredient required. I will definitely try this scrub.

  7. This looks awesome, and I love that it’s a product you can DIY. Those are always the best – because you know exactly what’s in them!

  8. I really like homemade scrubs! Coffee is perfect for scrubs like this, especially since it has so many benefits for your skin! Thanks for this recipe!

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    I sure would love to give this a try! I like making scrubs at home, and you’re absolutely right! They’re perfect for giving to friends as well.

  10. yvette says:

    What – wow, as if there wasn’t enough reasons to love all things coffee already! I really want to try this one as I’m just starting to see the cellulite starting up and I’m in swim suit practically every day. How much do you recommend for making for one person’s one-time use? Or does it last a while if I make too much?

    • payastyle says:

      I can feel your pain.. Damn you cellulite! I used 1 cup of coffee, 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of coconut oil. I think it’s perfect amount of the scrub, I like it kind of fresh so I prefer to make it more often or sometimes try different scrub 🙂

  11. I love the aroma of coffee. Does this scrub make you smell like coffee. That would be an added bonus.

  12. blair villanueva says:

    I also confess on the good benefits of coffee. Its natural and have very nice aroma, coffee also cleanses my skin, and a good scrub 🙂

  13. Sounds really good. I have not heard of a coffee scrub. Would love to try it.

  14. We’ve always known about the benefits of coffee scrubs, but we’ve never actually tried it mainly because we didn’t think it was this easy to make! Will definitely be trying it soon! xx

  15. I don’t think I have enough coconut oil to make this but it’s on my grocery list. I can’t wait to try it, a BFF sent me a coffee scrub and I used it all. Time to make my own.

  16. Ruth I. says:

    I think this is a great idea. I do not drink coffee everyday because of it’s effects but I really love it. I will try this soon, thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. jen says:

    This sounds so great and so simple to make! Def have to try it out!

  18. I love the smell of coffee, I love drinking coffee so I am obsessed with the concept of making a coffee scrub. How heavenly would that be? x

  19. CourtneyLynne says:

    I love coffee scrubs!!! I’m not a big coffee drinker , but I love how smooth my skin feels after a good scrub down with it!

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