Is Bread Dead? – Peter Reinhart’s Bread Revolution


Is Bread Dead?

We were shopping the other day and while browsing through tons of cookbooks we found this gem, just by looking at its cover I could already smell the fresh baked bread. We thought it might be a great idea to start making our own bread. Straight from the bookstore we went back home and got to work.
We've tried the basic bread recipe, since it was our first time making a bread from scratch. We thought it might be good to start with something simple. I have to say the process isn't always straight forward. Quite a few times we were a 100% sure that we're doing it totally wrong. We were sure we will fail with our first bread. But we were wrong (again)! Even tho at the beginning it looked a little bit different from what the book said, it turned out to be crispy outside, soft inside and delicious! Bread Revolution contains over 20 bread recipes, made out different types of flour (sprouted, whole grains, whole milling) and using a variety of nuts and other ingredients. You can also find a few recipes for croissants, muffins, pancakes as well as buns, french baguettes or crackers. There is a great variety of recipes in this book, including at least six gluten-free. Something for everyone :) This book will definitely change the way you think about food, flour, and the art of baking bread.
In Chapter 1 – Tutorial, the author gives you some good pieces of advice about how to start your bread revolution journey; what tools you need, what kind of ingredients and how to choose them. Also, how to work with the dough and how to give it a wanted shape. Throughout the book you will find responses to recipe testers' most frequently asked questions - I found it really helpful.
Chapter 2 – is completely devoted to Sourdough Primer. It explains what is it, why do you need it and how to make it. Take your time and go through the whole chapter before you start. We are in a process of making our mother starter.
We started a couple of days ago, and it's still growing (literally!).
Following chapters contain bread and other pastries recipes.
I love the book's color photos, especially the step by step pictures - showing techniques and methods.
I will admit it was not easy. It took us some time and work to make our first bread but it was totally worth it! Now I have healthy, nutritious and made with love bread that makes my house a home. Of course it didn't come out perfect, but hey that's not the most important thing. I would recommend to just enjoy it (maybe with someone you love) make it fun and try your best.
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