Why Not To Wear Make-Up Whilst Exercising

We all have seen woman wearing makeup at the gym at least once. From woman wearing just a little bit of mascara to woman wearing full makeup (including red lipstick and eyeshadows!). The reasons vary from being in a rush to just feeling we are not pretty enough without makeup, and everyone will be staring at us. Don't listen to this silly voice in your head, because the truth is no one cares. Believe me you look much more beautiful without the makeup than with mascara running down your cheeks by the end of the session.

The reasons I never ever wear makeup while working out:

First of all, even when I think about it I can already feel my clogged pores. Yikes! It makes me want to run to the bathroom and wash my face! Your skin needs to breath and sweat while working out and it shouldn't be blocked with foundation and powder. It will lead to breakouts, which won't look pretty at all. Believe me I've been there..

Second of all, I would never look cute with makeup on at the gym or running. When I workout I try every time to push myself and what comes with it.. I do sweat, a lot! I can already see all this nice makeup being smeared all over my face, making me looking like a character straight from a horror movie, definitely not cute. Either is it at a gym or on a trail, I always treat it like a place of hard work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to go to the gym every time with greasy hair and too big sweats. Of course we all still want to look nice, but you can do it without putting ridicules amount of makeup. Get new running outfit, look for hair styles ideas :) And remember you are a natural beauty!
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