Long4Lashes Enhancing Mascara


Love this mascara as much as I love the serum!

If you are following my blog you've heard about Long4Lashes already. If not you can go to my previous post and find out more about their awesome eyelash serum! (Link on the bottom). I love this mascara as much as the serum. I think they complement perfectly and together they do magic with your eyelashes!

This mascara:

❤ contains biotin which strengthens the eyelashes and stimulates their growth

❤ contains Pant waxes and bees wax

❤ gives you the optic effect of a wider-opened eye

❤ makes your eyelashes looks glossy and slightly curled

They recommend 3 Steps for a Spectacular Effect which honestly doesn't work for me. After applying it 3 times my eyelashes are super long but they look unnatural. I like more natural look that's why I stick with one layer, max two.

If you have very short eyelashes and you are looking for a way to make them look longer and healthier this mascara and serum is a perfect fit for you! Your eyelashes will grow in the blink of an eye!

If you are like me and it's hard for you to believe in those 'magic cosmetics', I would recommend to start with the serum first and see how you like it. Remember, you won't see any spectacular effects after a day or a week, it will take some time but it will work!
That's the effect I've got after using the serum and mascara! My eyelashes become healthier, stronger and most importantly longer! I absolutely love how natural it looks!

Find out more about 👉  Long 4 Lashes Growth Enhancing Serum!

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