Long 4 Lashes Growth Enhancing Serum


Better than eyelashes extensions!

This serum does magic! I was so skeptical when I first heard about this brand and their product. I was thinking: "Yeah right, I'm sure it works like all the other ones I've tried". But then I started to hear more and more from my friends, coworkers about how awesome it is so I've decided to give it a try. Honestly I wasn't really excited at the beginning. I was using it everyday for two months or so and I didn't see this working how would I expect it to work. I was kind of disappointed that another supposedly awesome cosmetic works for everyone else but not me, well this wouldn't be the first time (do you know that feeling?). I decided I will finish this package and I won't buy it again. In a meantime I moved to a different city and I was surprised when one of my best friends came to visit me and asked me if I have fake eyelashes! I didn't see it myself but everyone else around me seems to noticed it. I went to my beautician and she also asked me if those are my natural eyelashes. I was so happy to hear that! And I knew this serum will stay with me forever! ❤


❤ strengthens and stimulates growth of eyelashes
❤ improves the condition of your lashes
❤ makes your eyelashes thicker and stronger

Apply the serum with one stroke using the brush-applicator on the clean, dry skin of the upper eyelid on the lash line, just like you would apply eyeliner. Don't use inside the eye and also the lower lash line. Serum is quiet efficient: just one 3ml package last around 4-5 months. The most important thing is YOU HAVE TO USE IT EVERYDAY!! Otherwise it won't work and you will just waist your money. i use always as a last step of my night routine, after cleansing and moisturizing. If you will decided to use it take a picture before and keep it! I regret so much that I didn't do it to have it compare before and after.


❤ Your eyelashes won't grow over night, it will take time. I think i took me around 2 months to see the difference.

❤ Once you are done with the serum take a break, I usually do 3-4 months and them come back to using it. You can start using it whenever you feel like it's time.

❤ Once you will stop using it you will notice that you loosing more eyelashes than usual and that's normal don't worry about it. I am talking about few eyelashes more not all of them ;)

The only minus of this product that I can think of is that it's really hard to get it in the U.S and it's quite pricey here. I get it for much cheaper in Europe so if you have friends or family there you might want to ask them to get it for you :) I come with couple of those every time I travel to Europe.

If you thinking about getting eyelashes extensions, STOP! Instead get this conditioner, your eyelashes will look natural and healthy as well as you!
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