Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

This is definitely one of the best makeup removers I've tried so far. It easily removes waterproof makeup. It's gentle as well and does not sting eyes. It does not irritate the skin around my eyes and doesn't leave an oily residue, which is great! The only minus of this product is the price, $30 for 4.2 oz of product might be a bit expensive for someone who wears makeup everyday.

Things to remember while using it:

- You need to shake it before using! I know it might sounds silly to tell you that, you might think it's obvious but just to make sure ;)

- No need to rub the eyes! Soak you cotton pad with the product, hold the cotton pad against your lashes for about 10-20 seconds, doing this allows the makeup remover to start dissolving the mascara and eyeliner, carefully swipe off all eye makeup and Voila! first step of face cleansing behind you!

If you looking for a really gentle and effective product and don't mind spending a little bit extra money this product is a must have!
It removes makeup in only 4 moves!
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