I ❤️ Sunscreen!


Sunscreen = BFF

I think I can officially say that the Summer is here! Yesterday was 109F!☀️☀️ So thankful for the AC! ;)

We all like (well, at least most of us) love warm weather and sunny days. You feel like life is better, you have more energy, you want to do things! That's great :) I would like you to enjoy this amazing weather safely, to do this you have to (MUST!) use SUNSCREEN! This is super, extra, mega important. It doesn't matter how old are you, in what condition is your skin, if you are skincare obsessed or not. Sunscreen is a must for everyone.

I live in California and I absolutely love the weather here. Sunny and warm most of the year, yay! Who doesn't like lying by the pool or at the beach and getting nicely brown? (without going on a vacation!)

As you might know there is a large Asian population living in CA. I was always surprised to see all the Asian woman wearing big sunglasses, hats, scarves, long sleeves etc. They are covered from toes to head. I was thinking 'why would you do that? why would you cover your whole body instead of enjoying the nice, sunny weather?'. I honestly found it really strange and couldn't understand it. In my thinking sun = nice tan, and that was pretty much it, I've never actually thought how bad it is for your health and your skin.

That was my thinking before I read "The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho" - yes, again about this book, sorry guys but this is my Bible!

So what changed? The answer is EVERYTHING!

Of course I always knew that sun is bad for you and it causes cancer. But I think I just didn't care? Or didn't acknowledge it? Honestly, when I think about it now I'm not sure. It's like when you ask a child 'why did you do that? you know you can't/it's bad" and he says he doesn't know.

My advice is, if you want to keep your skin young and don't want to spend a fortune or anti-aging cosmetics, use sunscreen, ALWAYS! We are so crazy about new, great, miracle products that we forget about bases. In effect we spend a lot of money and don't see desired results.
Sunscreen should be your last step during your morning routine. Apply it after makeup (wait few minutes after finishing putting on makeup). If your foundation and concealer has UV protection that's great but not enough! You still need to use sunscreen on your face, and don't forget about lips, ears, neck and cleavage. QUESTION: Do we still need sunscreen if there is so sun and it's cloudy outside? You want to answer no? WRONG! Just because you cannot see the sun it doesn't mean it's not there 👀 Use sunscreen always, no matter what's the weather outside, just make it a habit. Leave your sunscreen in a visible place, so you won't forget it. Don't be fooled by waterproof products. Reapply sunscreen every 2-3h and every time after you get in a water.

You don't want to hide your body under layers of clothes? That's fine. I don't do it either. BUT I always make sure to put the sunscreen on, wear sunglasses and a hat. Avoid sun exposure for a long period of time, if you having a picnic sit in a shade. You can still enjoy the great weather without lying flat on the beach.

Remember you 'nice', brown skin is an effect of damaged skin! Sounds horrible right? Just think about it next time you are getting your desirable tan - the more brown (don't even want to talk about red!) you getting the more you damaging your skin. In effect your skin is aging faster, you getting wrinkles faster and also you are risking getting a skin cancer!

Still not convinced? Please open your web browser and look for 'Bill McElliot'. You will be shocked to see how huge impact sun actually has on your skin!
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