Hawaii – a week in paradise!

I can't believe it's been already 2 months since our trip to Hawaii! I miss this place so much!

Visiting Hawaii was on my bucket/dream/must see (you name it) list since I can remember. Sandy beaches, sunny weather, clear & warm water, beautiful views and nature - that was my vision of this place and was so not disappointed!

Before we booked the flight we had to do the research which island we should choose and honestly the choice is not easy. They all seems to be amazing and it's really hard to choose one. After looking and discussions and looking more we decided to go to Oahu, Honolulu. It was our first trip to Hawaii (definitely not last) and we thought this would be a perfect fit for us.
We stayed in Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa which has a perfect location - right across the street to the beach, next to the Statue "Duke Kahanamoku".

We were welcomed with beautiful made Lei, I think this is a wonderful gesture which makes you feel like a princess in paradise. With each minute of our time in Oahu it was getting better and better. Our room was beautiful and the view was truly mesmerizing!
We spend an amazing week laying on the beach, swimming, snorkling, exploring the island, trying new food. One of the things that is definitely worth to see if you are in Oahu is the show Magic of Polynesia. It is pricy but it's not like any other magic show, you will laugh, a lot!

There is a free hula show ... you can sit on a fake grass and enjoy this free show.

In one of the many ... books we found ukulele lessons and we decided to try it as we both never done it before. The classes are for free and quiet short. I am not really talented if it comes to instruments so I can't say I've lernt much, my boyfriend is so much better at this and he actually sounded pretty good. We ended up with our own ukulele ;)
We spend one day renting a car and driving a little bit around the island.


My everyday breakfast! Le Jardin was my favorite breakfast place, it was downstairs in our hotel and it costed our 10$ for this delicious bowl filled with fruits.

If you are looking for cheaper breakfast option and you like eggs & becon you should definitely try Waikiki Beachside Kitchen, you can eat breakfast for as little as 4$ - my boyfriend loved that place!

If looking for a breakfast/lunch/dinner with fancy view I would recommend Hula Grill Waikiki, they also have breakfast buffet with lots of options.
Next to the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa twice a week you can try street food.
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