All Gril Shave Club



Spring is here! 🌸 And here in California on somedays you can even think it's Summer already! Do you know what that means? Dresses! Shorts! Skirts! YAY!! I am so excited to finally be able to wear my favorite dresses. That also means you cannot hide your legs in those long pants anymore! I don't know about you but I constantly forget to buy razors. So here I am taking relaxing bath, with candles, music, wine and my Kindle. 🛀 So nice!! getting ready to make my legs smooth and shiny 💎💎 and BOOM! I forgot it again! That's the story how I've decided to try All Girl Shave Club. For the first time I saw it I knew it's a perfect fit for me and I will love it! You can choose from 3 packages, I got the Razors & Shave Butter package. For this package you pay 9$/mo but they ship it every other month, which totally make sense cause who needs that many razors?

The price for this package is 18$ every other month, and you in every package you will get 6 cartridges (3 blade) and jar of paraben free Whipped Shave Butter (in the scent of your choice). Additionally in the first one you will get tote for easy grab and go and weighted handle.

I just love this tote! It looks very cute and it's perfect while you travel. It fits all you need! Whenever you sleep outside your house you can just pack all your shaving accessories into one bag and never loose anything again and everything is neatly and hygienically packed!
I got the Pink Champagne butter and it smells so wonderful, it leave your skin smelling amazing! I also really like the Ingredients, it mostly contains Water, Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Castor Oil.

I absolutely love this package, from the way it looks to the way it smells. I think it’s a really good deal, especially for someone who like me always forgets to buy new razors (and you don’t want to steal from you boyfriend 😉

It’s definitely worth to try and if you won’t like it you can cancel anytime, but believe me you won’t! If you like cute and girly things you will love this one! And now you can get 10% OFF on any subscription!!

 Use your code and enjoy it! 💕


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