The Girls by Emma Cline


"I didn't say anything. The first of many silences"

What made me go through this book is the mystery of what had happened "that night", if not that I was so curious about that I am not sure if I would finish this book.

Evie Boyd - the main character - is the fourteen year old,/font> only child of divorced parents. She lives with her mom which is not really interested in Evie's life and taking care of her, she shows more interest in finding new boyfriend. "I was scanning the contest of my mother's refrigerator, [...] Nothing to eat, as usual. Little things like this reminded me why I'd rather to be somewhere else. " Aside one friend, which she does't really like that much, Evie is a loner. She is desperately seeking attention and wanting to feel part of something. That's why when she meets Suzanne, she is mesmerized by her beauty and freedom. She is so intrigued when Suzanne tells her about the ranch where she and her friends live. "She said the place we were headed was about a way of living. Russell was teaching them how to discover a path of truth, how to free their real selves from where it was coiled inside them."

That's where she meets Russell, the most important man in their cult, their guru. "Donna said Russell was unlike any other human. That he could receive messages from animals. That he could heal a man with his hands, pull the rot out of you as cleanly as a tumor. ; He sees every part of you," "He could do that. Change himself to fit the person, like water taking on the shape of whatever vessel it was poured into."

Evie starts hanging out at the ranch more and more..falling more in love with not Russell but Suzanne. "Doing what Suzanne asked seemed like the best gift I could give her, a way to unlock her own reciprocal feelings."

As I found out after finishing this book, is about Charles Manson and the Manson Family, which I didn't know when I started reading this book. However I don't think it would have changed my ..

"Sometimes he had to punish us in order to show his love. He hadn't wanted to do it, but he had to keep us moving forward, for the good of the group. It had hurt him, too."
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