Drive Nacho Drive


“The real adventure begins when we willingly go in without having any idea how we’ll get back out”. 

Drive Nacho Drive is a book about young couple, who decided to leave everything behind and started a journey of their life. Brad and Sheena left their home in Arizona and started to explore the world in their Volksvagen van.

“A minute later he sent me a link to an article about a couple who drove their VW camper van through the Americas and Africa. I took one look at the article’s title, and quickly sent it on to Sheena, along with question “Want to do this?” She immediately responded with “Yes!” That evening we decided that we would buy a Volksvagen camper van, save a bunch of money, and drive around the world.” and that’s how it started. It’s funny how sometimes, out of nowhere, an idea pop up in our head and we do something that we thought we would never be able to do.

“Life is short, we figured. Might as well do something interesting.” And that’s what they did. They started saving money, they bought the car and started preparing for their trip.

I found some really interesting informations in this book, especially in the first part, where they were preparing to they journey. As they figured even tho they spend much less money they started enjoying more life much more. They spend much more time out or with their friends, enjoying small things. 

I found this one especially interesting:  stop buying so much crap. I see myself how hard it is. We have so many things pushed our way. Most of them we don’t necessarily need, but we buy it anyway. I think, even if your are not saving money for travel, it is a great idea to set a budget for stuff like that and be more conscious what you spend money on. After reading this book I started doing this myself, have to say it’s not easy. However I caught myself thinking, before I buy something “Do I really need this?”. I’m still working on this “No, you don’t” part.

I found the first part of the book really interesting, I cannot say that about the second part. I felt really disappointed.

The chapters written by Brad are mostly about issues with the car. I grew tired of endless car repairs. And I have to say I would be probably able to fix a car myself by now. So maybe it was a good thing?

Sheena’s chapters were mostly about food, which I found much more interesting. However while reading I couldn’t really feel the atmosphere of a place. They writing didn’t make me imagine the soundings or how they must feel by seeing those amazing views. Even the chapters about food didn’t make me ‘smell’ the food or even google something just because it sounds so good. I didn’t feel the urge to pack my things, leave my house right and follow their footsteps.

I definitely liked the beginning of the book and some of the later chapters. I will use some of their ideas how to save money and how to enjoy life more without spending thousands dollars. They thing that I think is missing in this book is a more insightful introduction to the places they’ve visited. So we could feel deeper connection with them and the world the trying to show us. However even those cons it has good and funny parts as well, and that’s why I would still recommend this book.


“my trip, my experiences – the people and places I visited and met – will be with me for a lifetime. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.”

I could not agree more.




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