Broken Grace E.C. Diskin


“You’re wrong.” and believe me whatever you are thinking while reading this book you are wrong. Books like this are exactly why I reach for thrillers.


Grace Abbott runs out of the house, jumps in her car, and drives away, noticing the car lights behind her. The next moment, she wakes up in the hospital, surviving a horrific crash. She has absolutely no memory of anything. When she thinks it couldn’t be worse she finds out that her boyfriend has been murdered and she has no alibi… at least not one she can remember. Did she kill her boyfriend?

Grace leaves hospital for recovery in her old home, in the care of her sister, and with no recollection of her life before her car accident. Everyone seems to know something about Grace’s life prior to the accident—everyone except Grace, that is—and no one is filling her in.

The tension is there from the beginning. As flashes of Grace’s memory return she tries to match them with what she has been told by the people around her, especially her sister. But things aren’t always what they seem. The book has many twists and surprises and the biggest one is at the end. You definitely are not expecting that one.

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