‘Brianna’s Story: Married to an Arab’ by Aabra & RL Heitz

I am really disappointed with this book. I have read many of these books, and this one is definitely the worst one. It is really poorly written, it is so shallow and lacking depth of story and character.

Brianne is an engineering student at Columbia University. She meets Khaleel, an exotic looking Saudi Arabian man at a social event organized by the engineering school. She falls in love in Khaleel, but honestly I'm not sure why. From the beginning he doesn't seem to be a prince charming, he's a douche. In the first 20 pages they fall in love, move in together and get pregnant. He is witness of a Kahleel's meetings with some kind of 'organization', that supposed fight for a better world, but she doesn't seemed to be interested with what they exactly do. Honestly I could not handle how foolish and naive she was. I was annoyed with her and this book.

Bree quickly discovers that Khaleel is no longer the man she fell in love with. In fact, that person no longer exists. The Khaleel she knew at Columbia University has been replaced by a cruel stranger who wants to control everything.

"He had become a stranger, and I didn't understand why. It was like suddenly finding oneself married to some kind of alien from another planet".

Confused and frightened, Bree suddenly finds herself whisked away in a private jet to Saudi Arabia. Where she is a 'prisoner' in four walls in the middle of a desert. The only thing Kahleel wants from her is the baby (or babies, as he is convinced it will be more than one) - but it must be a boy. She gives a birth, and there were indeed two babies, but where they boys?

I felt like this book was so stereotypical it was hard to read it. This story seems to be written by someone with an innate dislike of Arabs, and you can really feel it while you reading it.
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