A house in the sky – Amanda Lindhout


“A house in the sky” is a memoir by Amanda Lindhout, co-written with journalist Sara Corbett. In this book Lockhart is sharing her memories of 460 days being held as a hostage in Somalia.

As a child Amanda was escaping from the violent household into the world on National Geographic magazines, imaging herself visiting all those places and traveling the world. As a young adult Amanda, working as a waitress, started saving money that will give her freedom and let her spread her wings. She backpacked through Latin America, Laos, Bangladesh, and India. And finally, she travelled to some of the most war torn countries in the world. In Afghanistan and Iraq she started her career as a television reporter.The more she traveled the more dangerous some of her destination choices became. In 2008 Amanda, accompanied by freelance photojournalist Nigel Brennan, went to Somalia (“most dangerous country on earth”). Shortly after arriving in Somalia they are taken hostage.

During these months they are tortured – both physically and mentally, starved and beaten. That’s how the her House in the Sky was created. In the moments when she couldn’t take the reality anymore she was escaping to this imaginary house – a place she could go to in her mind to get away from the horror she lived with on a daily basis.

Even tho the whole evil coming from her captures, she’s trying to understand them, trying to understand why do they do this. Amanda has proven that we have a choice in how life’s events will affect our future. She has chosen to bring something positive to the people of Somalia via her organization, Global Enrichment Foundation which provides university scholarships to Somali women.

“A house on the sky” is a heartbreaking story about survival and forgiveness. It’s an incredibly inspirational story about how compassionate people can be. You will witness vulnerability, strength, compassion and the strength of the human body and spirit.





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